Wonderful extras

A Woopie Bow Tie

Get the wonderful bow ties of Helena D. Verheyen, a vernacular jazz dancer and theatre costume designer based in Gent.

She started this project in Herrang by taking patterns of different bow ties, and making them out second hand clothes. She studied history of the ties in Paris, and in Montreal she made the project running.

The bow ties are all made by hand, some off the patterns she invented (Le Moustache), some patterns are history (Battoir, Butterfly). Every bow tie is made from second hand clothes, in every color there are max. 5 of them. When made from a normal tie, there is only one.

More information on the Facebook page or on woopiebowtie.com

Present on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.


Time to replenish your wadrobe with the wonderful vintage clothes of ViNSiNN!

Founded in 2011 by good friends and passionate swing dancers, Marina Fischer (GER), Peter Bieniossek (GER), and Lucy Flournoy (USA), ViNSiNN is a go-to shop for hard-to-find vintage styles. Marina, Peter, and Lucy know from firsthand experience just how difficult and time-consuming it can be to search shop after shop, website after website for the perfect 1940s-style dress, a cool 1930s-style newsboy cap, or just the right pair of dancin' shoes. So, they decided to dedicate themselves to scouring the globe for the best vintage-inspired brands and styles around, in order to bring them to your doorstep - hassle free!

More information on the Facebook page or on www.vinsinn.fr

Present on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

Gabina clothing

FACT: Anyone who’s ever danced in a dress has had to think deep about what underwear to wear (pretty but not ‘too’ pretty, covering but not ‘grandma style’, AaaAhH!!) That’s why we’ve arranged for the amazing Gabina Diseños products to be sold at the BRUX. Better start making room in your drawers!!

More information on the Facebook page or on www.tugabina.com

Present on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

Beauty Parlour Hairdo

Lies will be there to do your hair! Lies has a vast experience in making brides prettier, parties cooler, beautiful models even more beautiful and theater actors more theatrical. These skills, combined with her sense of humour and passion for lindy hop will definitely make you want to stop by her stand for a hairdo!

Lies will be at Hotel de la Poste during the Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday tea dance parties. There will be a sign-up sheet available at her stand. Fill it in to make sure not to miss you!

More information on vogelerlies.wordpress.com

Present on Friday night (from 20:00 to 01:00), Saturday night (from 20:00 to 01:00) and Sunday afternoon (from 13:00 to 18:00).

Price is € 15 per hairdo.

Massages by Élisa and Justine

We all know how endless Lindy Hop parties can be harassing for our bodies. In such moments, is there any more effective cure than a relaxing massage? Elisa et Justine, both osteopaths, will offer their services as professional masseuses on Friday and Saturday. Allow yourself to succumb, your body will need all possible care to survive this most intense weekend!

Present on Friday night and Saturday night from 22:00 to 03:00.

Price is € 10 for 15 minutes.

The BRUX beer

Notwithstanding Germans will tell you, Belgium is THE country of beer. To maintain this reputation, the BRUX had to brew its own beer. There it is: please welcome the BRUX-ALE! Specifically designed for dancers, it is a blond refreshing beer, finely sparkling with exotic fruit flavours and a mild bitterness. Its unique taste comes from the generous addition of Belgian and American hops. Champagne yeast is used for a perfect finish.

The beer is brewed by Lion Brewery, located in Waterloo and founded in 2016 by two young entrepreneurs, Alexis and Laurent. They wanted to give a dynamic and modern vision to the Belgian craft beer world. Quite well achieved we must say!

Available at the bar on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

The cake stand

Feeling a loss energy? Time to get some nutrition! No need to escape our main venue, as we will propose a stand full of cakes, pies, quiches and other delicious snacks that will get you fit again.

All these snacks are brought to you by the Brussels Lindy Hoppers community. Do not hesitate to congratulate the many cookers you will meet on the dance floor. Oh, and by the way, if you are a local Lindy Hopper, do not hesitate to bring your most tasty cake. You will get a chance to win a pass for a wonderful swing dance event!

Available at the bar on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.