We want the BRUX to be a safe space

At the BRUX we want you to be free, free to express yourself, in your style, in your dance, in your voice, in your shared moments with others. We want you to be free to fully enjoy the present, forgetting for a while what can stress you out or make you uncomfortable in your everyday life. We want the BRUX to be a safe space.

A space where…

…anyone (yourself included) is free to say no to a dance, without need for explanation. If someone refuses to dance with you, don’t take it personally, there are thousands of reasons why someone would say no (a foot that hurts, an urge to solo dance, simply the need for a break, for a drink, …).

A space where…

…everyone should feel safe from physical hurt. Avoid aerials in social dancing: keep them for the jams, the shows or the competitions! Generally, smaller moves are recommended in crowded dancefloors. Trust us, tiny rock steps can look great too. Of course, accidents can happen, so if you’re responsible, apologize and check that people are ok.

A space that…

…is inclusive and kind, safe from harm. Everyone is welcome on the dancefloor, regardless of age, physical aspect, dance skills, political views. So avoid inappropriate comments about other people's clothes, dance style, etc. Avoid inappropriate physical contacts on others, by forcing to be close to each other, by touching intimate body parts, etc. Generally, be kind and attentive to your dance partner.

If something goes wrong

In case anything goes wrong, feel free to react. It’s essential to the well-being of all members of the Lindy Hop community. You can react directly by talking to the person who makes you feel uncomfortable, by stopping a potentially dangerous or abusive behaviour you spot, or by communicating it to one of our five referents (that will be) listed below. They will help with delicate situations.