Join us for five exceptional days

Register(registrations start April the 15th at 2:00 p.m. CET but you can already create your account by clicking this button)

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Access to day activities

How to register?

To get your ticket for the BRUX, you will only have to go through four simple steps:

  1. Create an account at Please note that if you register as a couple, each participant will need to create his/her own account.
  2. Select your pass & options. Choose between Full, Weekend Pass or one of the two Party Passes. Also indicate which of the day activities (with extra costs) you want to participate in and the wonderful goodies you want to buy. Finally, indicate if you are interested in hosting out-of-town visitors or volunteering.
  3. Add a partner or register as single. If you have a partner, register directly by identifying your partner with his/her email address once he/she’s created an account and selected passes and options. If you register as a single, you will be put on the waiting list until we can match you with a partner.
  4. Proceed with payment. Once you’ve added a partner or have been matched with one, you will be invited to pay with Visa, Mastercard or Bancontact. You will have 48h to finalise payment, for risk of losing your place. If you’ve registered as single, you’ll only have to pay for yourself. If you’ve registered as a couple, one of you will have to pay for the both of you. Each participant receives a personal confirmation once payment is received.

Terms and Conditions

Valid registration

An online form allows registration for the event. Registrations will be validated by order of arrival and according to the terms and conditions. All mandatory fields on the online registration form must be completed. Your registration will be guaranteed upon receipt of full payment of the pass. Payment will be made directly upon registration through the online portal. In the unlikely event of a technical issue due to which we should receive your registration but not your payment, you will need to pay within the next 10 days after registration. If you fail to do so your registration will be canceled and the place will be re-opened for sale.

You must then re-register in order to gain a new place and will be charged at the pricing at that point in time.

Any registration using the online form constitutes acceptance of these terms.


No refund will be made in case of cancellation, however the passes are transferable to other dancers in the same role (leader/follower) if you inform us of the name and email address of the person whom you are selling your pass to via the email address: Failing this, no entry to the event will be granted to the person you sold the pass to.

Rates and Regulations

For prices please view the latest prices listed at in the Registration section.


Any person with a disruptive or violent behavior towards the organisation of the group, other participants or the premises will be immediately banned from the premises, without eligibility of refund. Costs incurred will be charged to the offending person (or in the case of a minor, his/her parents or guardian).

Swing it Brussels can in no way be held responsible for theft, disappearance or other damage of any object belonging to any person participating in the event. However if you have lost items, please contact someone from the BRUX team and we'll try to help you find it back. If you find lost items, please give them to the BRUX team and we will keep them until a month after the event.

Data privacy

All information provided by the participants at registration or later on will in no case be transmitted by Swing it Brussels to any other organization whatsoever unless specifically requested by the person concerned.

As in any big lindy hop event photographers and videographers may be present. Swing it Brussels reserves the right to use any digital assets containing your image for use on their website, during a Swing it Brussels event or for any publicity.

Discharge from liability

Lindy Hop is a physical activity entailing certain risks. By registering, participants accept to assume this risk. The organisation is not liable for any injuries sustained by participants.

Pass sharing

The pass is strictly personnal and shall not be shared between dancers.

Force majeure

Swing It Brussels reserves itself the right to cancel the event or part of the event due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to war, strikes or labor disputes, embargoes, government orders, lockdown or any force majeure event. In this case, the event will not be postponed nor reimbursed.

Legal notice

BRUX is proudly brought to you by Swing It Brussels ASBL

N° d’entreprise : 0553 900 385
TVA BE 0553 900 385

c/o Stephanie Weiser
Avenue Chazal 35
1030 Bruxelles