Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & tickets

How does the registration work?
Once registration opens, you will only have to go through four simple steps to sign up:

  1. Create an account: In order to register, you need to create an account on Note that if you have an account, you still need to register!
  2. Select your pass & options: There you choose your pass. You also indicate which of the day activities with extra costs you want to participate in. Finally, indicate if you are interested in hosting or volunteering
  3. Add a partner or register as single: If you register as a single, you will be put on the waitlist until we can match you with a partner. If you already have a partner, you can register directly identifying your partner with his/her email address. Please note: If you register as a couple, each participant needs to create an account and select their options first individually (step 1 & 2). Step 3 and 5 should then be done by only one of you. You will both receive an email with the confirmation of your registration.
  4. Wait for our email: We will need a few days to process the registrations, then you will receive an email with the paiement details. If you are in the waiting list (either because you registered as single and we did not find a partner for you yet, or because the pass you selected is sold out or close to), you will only receive the paiment email once you find a partner for you or spots for your pass have been made available.
  5. Finalise payment via bank transfer: When you have received our email with the paiement details, you'll have 10 days to pay your registration fee via bank transfer. If you don't pay within 10 days, we'll cancel your registration and let other participants register instead.


I am a single follower, can I register on my own?

Yes, you can already complete step 1 to 3 in the registration process. To ensure we keep a reasonable balance on the dancefloor, we’ll initially put you on a waitlist. As soon as our leader - follower balance allows it, you will be informed by an email and then you will be able to start step 4 (finalize payment).
Note that once you have received the invitation to pay, if you don't pay within the next 10 days, we will need to cancel your slot to allow the next person on the waitlist to get in.


Can I add a partner later?
Yes, and if you are on the waitlist, we definitely encourage you to find a partner to secure your spot! 
Ask your partner to also create an account, and one of you both will need to complete step 3 and 4 on behalf of both of you.


What is the payment process?
You have to pay via bank transfer. You will receive an automatic email with all the bank transfer details (IBAN, communication...). You will have 10 days to complete your payment. Once we receive your transfer, an automatic email will send you your BRUX ticket. Please note that the transfer and its confirmation can take a couple of days.


Unexpected events

Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?
We’re sorry but refunding would become very complicated to administer so we don’t refund. However, you can sell your pass to another dancer. Make sure the person dances in the same role (leader or follower), give him/her your ticket and importantly, drop us an email ( with the person’s name and email address. If you do not take all these steps the person may not be granted access to the dancefloor.

I want to sell my pass. Are there any steps i need to follow?
Yes, make sure the person dances in the same role (leader or follower), give him/her your ticket and importantly, drop us an email ( with the person’s name and email address. If you do not take all these steps the person may not be granted access to the dancefloor.

What are the terms & conditions in case of cancellation, selling passes, theft, insurance and the likes?
Check the terms & conditions in the Registration section.


What are the types of jobs volunteers are asked to help with?
Room set up and decoration, guest welcoming, bar, day tour.... we need help for a wide range of different time slots and activities. 1, 2, 3 or even 4 hours: you can choose the day, time slot and activity! If you are willing to help, please mention so in the registration form and you'll receive an email with more detailed information and a web link to a Google doc file. Then, simply register in the slot and activity that best suits your preferences!

What can I expect as a volunteer?
Eternal gratitude to start with. Really, we don’t have a BRUX without you!  
You’ll also get access to one of Belgium specialties: beer (or soft drinks, if you are not that much into beers), so yes, drink vouchers honey!

If you forgot to indicate it in the registration form, sign up for volunteering today via email to


I have another question which hasn’t been answered here. Whom can I ask my questions to?
For general info about the event or registration process, send an email to:
For info about hosting contact and for volunteering contact