You have questions? We have answers.

Registration & tickets

How does the registration work?

Registrations open at 2:00 p.m. CET on Sunday the 14th of April.

This year, no need to create an account on this website and no need to find a partner to register with! Simply click on the register button in the registration page, choose you pass, fill the form, proceed for payment and you will be in!.

I am a single follower, can I register on my own?

Yes, definitely! You do not have to register as couple and your registration be immediately accepted.

What is the payment process?

Once you’ve have selected your pass, you will be invited to pay with Visa, Mastercard or Bancontact. At this step, if you do not complete the payment, your place will be lost.

Is it possible to order a pass now and pay later?

It is unfortunately not possible. To book a pass, an online payment will be requested. If you do not pay during the booking, the pass will not be reserved, and your place will be placed on sale again.

Unexpected events

Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?

We’re sorry but we cannot refund passes. It would be too complicated for us to administer. However, you can sell your pass to another dancer. Give him/her your ticket and most importantly, inform us by dropping us an email ( with the person’s name and email address. If you do not take all these steps the person may not be granted access to the dancefloor.

I want to sell my pass. Are there any steps I need to follow?

Yes, first, find a dancer in the same role as yours (lead/follow) to sell your pass to. Once you have resold your pass, important, drop us an email ( with the person’s name and email address. We will generate a new ticket that will be sent to the new holder.

If you do not warn us and simply forward your ticket to another person, he/she may not be granted access to the dancefloor.

What are the terms & conditions in case of cancellation, selling passes, theft, insurance and the likes?

Check the terms & conditions in the Registration section.


What are the types of jobs volunteers are asked to help with?

We really need your help, volunteers are precious for our exchange team during the event. We need help for a wide range of time slots and activities: room set up and decoration, check in, bar service, cake stand, etc... As a reward, you’ll get drinks to thank you, and a chance to win one FULL PASS for the 2020 GHX! Wanna volunteer? Simply fill in the Volunteering Form to choose your prefered tasks and time slots.

There is another way to support us. You can also offer a sweet touch to our buffet, bringing a cake you baked and you’ll have a chance to win 1 CRAZY SWING CAMP PARTY PASS.

What can I expect as a volunteer?

Eternal gratitude to start with. Really, we couldn’t run a BRUX without you!

You’ll also get one of Belgium’s specialties: beer (or wine, or soft drinks, if you are not that much into beer). What we’re saying is that we’ll give you free drink vouchers in exchange for your time.

Last but not least, you will also get a chance to win one FULL PASS for the 2020 GHX!