Our bands dedicated to Lindy Hop dancers

Reverent Juke XL

Reverent Juke is one of the most acclaimed swing band in Europe. They are crazy, they are wild, their music is dedicated to Lindy Hop dancers: this incredible line up of our Brussels’ stars will bring his extended repertoire of specially arranged mind-blowing tunes to delight your feet and ears until the sun rises.

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The Hop ’sh Bam Connection DELUXE

This tentet plays the real swing from the period between the twenties and fifties. Their biggest inspiration is the repertoire of the marvellous ballrooms of the thirties, as for example the savoy ballroom in New York.

They play the beautiful standards of the swing era on which lindy hop dancers could go crazy. As the bandleader, Marie–Anne, is a swingdancer herself, she knows how to put an inspiring and diverse setlist together !

Let’s call it : an excellent band, full of energy, with a big focus on the pure art of swing music. Nice to listen, nice to dance, … move and groove !

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Jake Walker

Jake Walker, the Ghent based collective, has his foundations in the Swing and Lindy Hop scene. With its musicians’ diverse musical personalities, they'll bring you a creative and dynamic swing music perfectly suited for dancers.

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Juke Records Big Band

Founded by the trombone player Timothé le Maire in 2019, the Juke Records Big Band will swing your socks off with no less than 14 of the greatest jazz musicians from Brussels. The band combines friendship between musicians with the expertise in the jazz music you’ve been dying to hear.

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The NATO Jazz Orchestra

The NATO Jazz Orchestra is the SHAPE International Band’s large jazz ensemble. Consisting of trumpets, trombones, saxophones, rhythm section, and vocalists, they perform classic American big band jazz arrangements from Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington and Count Basie.

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Sounds Swing Machine

Born in October 2021 in Brussels, the "Sounds Swing Machine" is the house swing band of the famous "Sounds Jazz Club". Once a month the Sounds Jazz Club fills up with lindy hop dancers, the curious, swing jazz lovers, music lovers and the band present their latest finds, pearls from the history of jazz that they have patiently transcribed at home and that they perform with panache during the concert.

The Uptown Swing Band

You know this band by their wonderful musicians! Livio Luzzi, Raphael Hallez, Romain Verwilghen, Daniel Duchateau and Julien Delbrouck will play for us the most refreshing and dancing swing tunes!

The Morning Call Jazz Band

Their songs will carry you from joy and laughter to sorrow and tears with a great musical interpretation, perfectly fitted to each and one of their pieces. Putting back the art of barbershop of American jazz standards on stage, the Morning Call Jazz Band hits it again with an exclusive and talented blend of acoustic jazz.

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Shakedown Tim ft. Sax Tinez

Shakedown Tim brings you authentic blues, wild uptown jump and lowdown juke joint boogie. Buckle up, ‘cause at The BRUX they will bring powerhouse saxophone honker Sax Tinez (NL) This band will not only shoot from but right at the hips!

The Jukin' Blues Band

This suprise line up with some familar faces will make you feel a true Juke Joint atmosphere.