DJ's & MC

Our MC and Blues Night DJ: the one and only Sep

Sep Vermeersch is a creative and versatile artist who prefers to ‘move’ within the universe of jazz and blues culture. Based in Ghent he teaches locally for Crazy Legs or runs events with LouisLou such as Upside Down. When Sep holds the space as Master of Ceremony you can expect to be invited to a unique way of storytelling. He strives towards inclusive and welcoming language and brings forward any information with a respectful attitude towards the African-American culture of swing we are all guests in. Be ready to be immersed in the BRUX and to be invited to expand your participative comfort zone. Join in and Jam!

DJ Kris

Kris has been passioned by music in all it's forms for about 30 years. His interest in swing jazz, roots, blues and slow drag started over 10 years ago with the Lindy Hop revival in Gent, where besides dancing, he started to spin tunes for the dancers. His passion for spinning records brought him to several foreign festivals like Lindy Shock, Herräng, ESDC, Ljubljana, Vilnius,...were he was working as staff DJ several times. In Gent Kris was a familiar face in the dancing scene (PYM, GHX, MSSW, LiLiHop). Spinning vinyl records solo or with Ghentlemen DJ's (his project with Sep Vermeersch) and providing the floor with the best tunes possible for feet and soul is his aim.

DJ Tobi

Originally based in Wuppertal, Tobi started dancing in 2007 in Cologne, Germany. He quickly fell in love with swing dancing and began to share his passion through DJing and organizing swing dance events in his hometown. With his talent for selecting the perfect swing tunes and creating an energetic atmosphere on the dance floor, Tobi's events soon became some of the most popular in the region. Due to his skills as a DJ and infectious energy and enthusiasm for swing he quickly became known for his ability to keep dancers on their feet all night long.

DJ Sander

Ever since Sander was a teenager, he has been drawn to jazz and the style of the swing era. He started dancing because he just couldn’t sit still when listening to music. A member of the Jazz Maniacs and the Old Soulz performance crews in Brussels, Sander has had the opportunity to perform and teach at events around the country and even abroad.

DJ Manneken Swing

Passionate about swing music and rhythm & blues, he likes to feel the crowd and play music to make people dance and have fun. Michel totally gets it - being a swing DJ is about more than just hitting play on a playlist!